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You’re ready to welcome the new year and have already taken the wise decision to do so in New Zealand. Now you’re thinking about what the best way would be for you to start 2018 just right in the country that was voted the greatest on earth earlier this year.

What’s special about New Years in New Zealand

Being among the first that ring in the new year, Kiwis take the celebration seriously. Since it occurs in the middle of our summer, when the majority are on vacation, the ambiance is hard to beat. We’re well-known for the variation offered during just New Year’s; ranging from the vibrant ambience in our cities, with clubs where you can dance until dawn, to award-winning festivals and nature escapes.

No matter if you prefer the view of a cityscape and never-ending fireworks, an adrenaline-filled adventure, or peacefulness in a surreal landscape, you can be assured to find a New Year’s experience you won’t forget in New Zealand. Many of the experiences available are in fact unique, and we’ve summarized some of the top ones for you.

1. Throw yourself out from the world’s first Bungee Jump site

AJ Hacket Bungee Jump promise you an experience of a lifetime.

New Zealand is well-known for its adventure sports, with bungee jump and skydiving being two of the most popular ones. 2018 will in fact mark the 30-years’ anniversary of the first ever organized bungee jump, which took place at the iconic 1880 Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. If you would you like to start the new year with an adrenaline rush that will make you feel immortal, you can jump from the exact same spot.

AJ Hacket Bungee Jump NZ has been organizing jumps from here since 1988, and with a 100 % safety record, you can relax knowing that you will be well taken care of. At least as relaxed as you can be when jumping from a bridge.

2. Be the first one in the world to watch the new year’s sunrise

Gisborne Sunrise Black Label NZ New Years

Colonial on Gladstone Gisborne, located minutes away from the beach.

While we’re on the topic being first, there’s something special about watching the sunrise on the first day of the year. Being able to do so before the rest of the world takes this to a different level. Due to its geographical position, North of Gisborne in New Zealand is traditionally regarded as the place to watch the world’s first sunrise on the mainland. Away from the big cities’ distractions, it is all about natural views. Imagine waking up, or ending your night if you prefer, here with an exciting new year ahead of you.

If you’re staying for a couple of days, there are several unique places to explore close by. Horse-riding or hiking through our third largest national park Te Urewera is one suggestion, which is the biggest untouched native forest in New Zealand. If you’re looking for more of a lively ambience, our biggest, award-winning festival Rhythm & Wine’s will take place in Gisborne for New Year’s, which brings us to the next point…

Rythms and Wines NZ new years black label

Photo: Stuff.co.nz. Rhythm & Wine’s 2016. It usually gets sold out.

3. Dance the year away in one of our New Years’ festivals

We are not only starting the new year before the rest of the world, we are also doing our best to use the time advantage by celebrating longer. With more than 10 well-established, recognized festivals during just New Year’s, of which several last for a minimum of 48 hours, you can celebrate for days.

Rythms and Alps NY NZ Black Label

Photo: DC Photos Live. Rythms & Alps. The South Island’s premier New Year’s Eve festival.

No matter if you’re into city events, the hippie vibe or prefer being surrounded by vineyards or something else while top DJs are spinning, finding a festival that suits your preferences won’t be a problem. The only challenge will be to pick one among all the great options. Rhythms and Alps, the sister festival of Rhythm & Vines mentioned above, offers amazing scenery in combination with an attractive line-up of bands and DJs. Other festivals to choose from are AUM Productions, Northern Bass and Highlife NYE, just to mention a few.

4. Disconnect from everything in a luxury lodge

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is timelessly beautiful and offers complete relaxation.

Do you prefer having your own celebration, away from the fireworks, surrounded by pure natural beauty? Then we got something for you, as well. New Zealand is well-known for its luxury lodges, which offer you the perfect escape from the more traditional party scene.

Huka lodge Black Label Experience New Year NZ

Huka Lodge in Taupo is considered one of the top retreats in the world

Bring your family, friends or that special one and enjoy your private celebration with the finest accommodation in landscapes that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. With numerous exclusive lodges in stunning locations, ranging from beaches and mountains, to islands, vineyards, and gorgeous lakes, you’ll be all set for quality time and a recharge.

5. Party at the best venues in our biggest city

Fireworks Auckland NY Black Label

Auckland is by many regarded as the best place in New Zealand for New Years.

If that special energy you only can get in a vibrant city is more of your scene, you will have the time of your life in Auckland. From city festivals such as Wondergarden, to exclusive clubs,  private events and a wide range of fine cuisine options along the waterfront, the options in our biggest city are endless.

Auckland is home to some of the country’s best restaurants and events. If you tell us about your preferences, we know exactly where you should go. There are many luxury hotels to choose from and the Sky Tower Fireworks is a must. Once the celebrations are over, you’ll have plenty to explore, such as the largest collection of Māori Taonga treasures in the world and amazing nature just a short drive away.

6. Celebrate New Year’s twice in one day

Te Manava Luxury Spa Cook Islands

Te Manava Luxury Spa on Rarotonga island, 4 hours flight from Auckland.

Have you ever wanted to celebrate New Years’ again, once the party was over? In contrary to New Zealand, the Cook Islands are among the last parts of the world to switch their calendars from December to January. Since the islands only are a 4 hours’ flight away, you will be able to combine the two and welcome 2018 twice on the same day.

With an early morning flight from Auckland the first of  January, you will land on the islands right after lunch on the 31st of December. After a short drive to your hotel, you’ll have time to get ready for your second celebration, even before the sun sets. The ambience on the islands is very different from the city life in Auckland, so you can be guaranteed two distinct experiences.

New Year’s the Black Label Way

We are confident everyone can have an unforgettable celebration in New Zealand. It’s all about being familiar with the options and having the right connections. Will you be visiting us for New Years?  Email tania@blacklabelexperience.com to learn more about how we could create a customized, unique experience you will be remembering for years.