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Bringing teenagers from overseas to NZ for a learning, outdoor adventure

: Black Label Experience, a NZ based premium travel agency, today announced the launch of its new, exclusive Youth Packages, “Back to Nature”, targeting teenagers overseas aged 12-18. Together with leading outdoor education specialists, Black Label has created 10 unique educational programs in New Zealand’s most scenic destinations. The objective is to provide youths with an unforgettable, authentic outdoor adventure, designed to encourage personal development.

“Exclusive to Black Label, the concept behind these packages is based on direct in market feedback from my trips to Brazil” said Tania Stoyanof, Managing Director of the company. Teenagers from Brazil will also be one of our primary target groups. We, and our local partners overseas, see a huge potential in this untapped market”.

The programs consist of a diverse mixture of activities, ranging from hiking and mountain biking, to ziplining and sailing, in untouched locations throughout New Zealand. The packages will be customized for each participant, with the aim to further develop essential skills such as cultural understanding, communication, self-discovery, confidence, the ability to work in a team and more.

“Participants must step outside of their comfort zones, since it will be challenging at times. With that said, safety is of highest priority. The activities are well planned and will be supervised by our qualified experts. The groups are small to ensure that each individual receives quality learning and leaves us with an unforgettable New Zealand experience” said Tania.

Black Label Experience will work with selected partners in NZ and overseas to market Back to Nature, The packages can be combined with Black Label’s other luxury itineraries, to enable the whole family to explore New Zealand together.

To learn more about Back to Nature or Black Label, contact Tania Stoyanof at + 64 27 23 64 927 or email tania@blacklabelexperience.com.


About Black Label

Black Label creates premier customized travel experiences to an authentic and exclusive New Zealand that money cannot buy, but connections can deliver. From 5-star luxury to free spirited travel, taking you off the beaten path, designing your individual and authentic experience from start to finish, Black Label’s mission is to bring alive for you the very best that New Zealand has to offer.


About Tania Stoyanof

Tania Stoyanof, Managing Director and Founder of Black Label, has 15+ years of experience with client-focused, tourism and event-rich businesses for leading brands and high-value corporate clients. Coupled with her own Maori heritage she aims to connect people with the true New Zealand through customized, premium itineraries not seen in tourist brochures, all enhanced with a refined style of service.