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The South Island Wonderland

Our South Island exclusive hunting experience takes you to places you could barely believe exist.

Headquarters, the alpine lodge of our hunting guides, was first built in 1895. It was then transported in the 1930s by horseback to its current location, 3500 feet up the side of South Canterbury’s Hunters Hills.

Headquarters has been designed so guests can be taken from the rustic, candlelit elegance of the early pioneer period to the Enviro Gold boutique lodge it is today. This sun-powered abode provides the discerning Black Label traveller with all the amenities they’d ever want or need while out the back door is New Zealand’s finest hunting destination.

Within this complete other-world, skilled hunting guides give you the chance to chase some of the world’s most sought after trophies through a landscape and setting that is pure New Zealand.

Some options for your hunting experience include:
• Three-day Big Red Hunt where you chase down the venerable Red Stag
• Take yourself back in time with the Pioneer hunt over four nights where you chase down the biggest trophies — Chamois, Tahr and Red Stag.

And then there’s Blue Ice where you stalk Tahr and Chamois, two of the alpine world’s most revered animals, in one of the truly great alpine regions.

Hunting Stag New Zealand Black Label ExperienceOn this three-night hunt, immerse yourself in the surrounds of these masters of the mountain terrain, where 12,000 foot mountains rise at your feet and frozen rivers of blue ice creep their way down the valleys.

You will never forget being in this world and fair chase hunting in a place unchanged for thousands of years. Record-book trophies are being regularly taken with main trophy period from March to September. The Roar is in full swing during March and April. Book now, these limited experiences book fast and early.

Call us to discuss the options, and any other experiences you may want to wrap around your hunting adventure. Within the region and close-by are opportunities for salmon fishing and skiing. Whatever you like, let Black Label take care of everything for your next exclusive hunting adventure New Zealand.