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Go downstream to Hawke’s Bay

Explore luxury fishing New Zealand style with our new guided fishing adventure in Hawke’s Bay which will give you an exhilarating boost as you fly-fish for trout in the best North Island wilderness.

Unbelievable … exciting … adventurous … indescribable … These words are typically the response to the experience provided by our professional guided fly-fishing adventurers.

Exploring the rivers where they grew up has bloomed into a life-long passion for this husband and wife team who have the most extensive experience on Hawke’s Bay rivers and streams. The female half of this fly-fishing guides is Maori.  She is also the only experienced fly fishing guide, a woman and a Maori, the only one in the country – this is truly unique!  She guides beginner and expert fly fishing expeditions on her ancestral river for Black Label Experience.

With this experience comes also twenty years service for one as a Police Search and Rescue team member and instructor. Their knowledge of the Hawke’s Bay’s back country is unsurpassed and immeasurable. If you want to increase your fly-fishing skill level in some of the most beautiful rivers on the planet, this experience is made for you.

Black Label Fly-fishing package - New Zealand luxury vacations-Sara OrmeHawke’s Bay is a jewel of a province, full of wineries and other prosperous primary industries, the lifestyle here is all about the lifestyle. There are plenty more experiences to be had here, but first the fishing …

Once you get into Auckland, we take a short hop across to Napier Airport, where we then journey to the lodge to get settled in for the first night. You can also choose to:

•Have a female (native Maori) guide if you prefer
•Helicopter into remote back-country for big trout fishing in crystal clear rivers
•Tramp and camp fly-fish for prime wilderness fishing.

Allow three days for your fishing adventure in New Zealand and think about adding in a hunt, a horse trek, some Maori culture, a city wine tour or whatever takes your fancy.

Simply get in touch with us  below, and we can take you through some other options.  Once we talk with you we’ll get a better understanding of what you’re looking forward to experiencing and we can create a custom package specifically fitted to you.