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Visiting New Zealand for the World Masters Games 2017

Aucklander’s are excited to be hosting the World Masters Games 2017 which will be held from 21-30 April 2017.  As the world’s largest multi-sport event, our beautiful city will welcome over 25,000 participants from 100 countries to compete in 28 sports and 45 disciplines.

world masters games

The World Masters Games 2017, Auckland, New Zealand

Officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, the event will feature Opening and Closing Ceremonies where each country will get the opportunity to showcase their cultural identity and heritage.

With an amazing selection of sightseeing, luxury accommodation and gastronomy all visitors to New Zealand will find plenty of options for extended travel itineraries.

Here are 8 Useful Travel Tips for visitors to the World Masters Games 2017:


1. Make photocopies or scanned copies of your passport, itinerary, and any other important documents and store them in a different location than the original copies in case the originals are lost or stolen during your journey.

2. Research New Zealand’s customs regulations and prohibited items rules prior to travel, and take a copy of your medical prescription if you travel with medication/s.

3. Always buy comprehensive travel insurance – it can protect you against high costs of emergency medical and health care overseas. Look at benefits, and policy inclusions and exclusions (not just the initial cost) and make sure you buy a policy that covers you for the entire duration of your trip and all transit countries.

4. Be aware also that the New Zealand domestic network has different conditions of carriage especially luggage allowances for weight, so while your luggage may be fine for weight allowance on your international long-haul flights, it may be overweight for a domestic flight within New Zealand.

5. Please take a look through our Black Label Experience blog to explore the diversity in New Zealand.   From the vibrant social scene in Auckland, the untouched beaches of Northland to the geothermal sights in Rotorua and natural beauty in the South Island, we can help you book your ideal luxury travel itinerary after the Games finish.

New Zealand offers ample opportunities for extended travel itineraries during World Masters Games


6. GateGuru is a practical app that gives information on airport facilities, security line wait lines and flight delays.  It is useful if you’re transiting other cities on the way to New Zealand as it covers major global airports.

At Destination

7. Turn your phone to airplane mode and turn off data to use GPS without internet. Load up your Google map before leaving your accommodation and you can use it to navigate in Auckland. To use Google maps offline, type ‘OK Maps’ and the visible area will save for future reference.

8. The World Masters Games 2017 will be hosted at an incredible number of venues, so make use of planning ahead for transport to and from your event.  Black Label Experience can facilitate private transfers for spectators or athletes (without large sports equipment).  For transport information for each of the venues, please read more here:  http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/the-destination/transport/transport-information-guides/

The World Masters Games medals

Black Label Experience would like to wish all participants at the World Masters Games 2017 the best of luck!   Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any travel requirements throughout New Zealand.