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Every Human on the planet is connected to every other Human, to a maximum separation of six degrees. ~ Frigyes Karinthy (1929)

In a small country like New Zealand the maximum is probably two: when Kiwis meet, we almost always have someone in common. And that someone is almost invariably Tania Stoyanof. Tania is a Kiwi institution, the consummate Kiwi ‘It Girl.’ A well-known and highly regarded Auckland socialite, Tania has her finger upon the pulse of New Zealand’s largest urban centre, but the tendrils of her expansive network of connections extend the length and breadth of the country. Through her love of the outdoors and enthusiastic personal life, Tania is intimately familiar with all that New Zealand has to offer and closely associated with those Kiwis in the know, from a wealth of personal and professional experience. Tania enjoys a reputation for capability. Highly sought after professionally in the fields of marketing and event management, she has built a career from being the person who knows “just the thing”,“just the place” and “just the right person.” Invitations to her events, social occasions and excursions are prized as much for their audacity as their uniqueness, for each is, truly, an experience.


The concept of Black Label was appropriately conceived at a secluded beach within the Mercury Islands, a stunning offshore location in the renowned Coromandel region of New Zealand. This is one of an almost limitless number of under the radar Black Label-style locations where founder and owner Tania Stoyanof and some close friends spent the day floating in the sea on a stunning summer’s day. They indulged in a gourmet beach picnic of local seafood delicacies, Paua and Scallops, freshly caught along the way, cooked on the beach and perfectly paired with fine local wine. This is among the many private and exclusive experiences Black Label can offer you.


Image: James Heremaia

Tania’s client-focused, tourism and event experience-rich background spanning more than 15 years is the foundation for her belief “when you entrust Black Label with your New Zealand Experience, you can be assured you will experience the priceless rare nature that is at New Zealand’s heart.”

Tania was a key influencer in Tourism New Zealand’s first Global Luxury Campaign with the objective to target the world’s Ultra and Very high net worth individuals and raise awareness of New Zealand as one of the world’s top luxury destinations. Her role as Marketing Manager overseeing the Premium Sector ensured an effective global campaign that involved high level strategy and communication with Tourism New Zealand’s satellite teams in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, luxury inbound tour operators, key stakeholders, print and digital media. Her role included the concept and execution of three branded videos


  • Managing and co-ordinating annual Corporate Golf tournaments played at world class professional golf courses around New Zealand
  • Event management of prestigious black tie events such as The Prime Minister’s Olympic Gala Dinner
  • Creating and managing premium itineraries and incentive rewards programs for high-value corporate clients
  • Product launches such as the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Series smartphones and tablets into the New Zealand market
  • Experienced managing high profile Corporate Sponsorships; 2000 & 2003 NZ America’s Cup defence


“Tania is an innovative and extremely well organised professional creating memorable customer and strong brand experiences. Everything was always thought through, ran smoothly and on budget with the added bonus of being stylish, classy and always a little different.” ~ Marketing Director, Spark New Zealand

“We invited Tania to speak as our Brand Keynote Speaker at our Digital Marketing Masterclassing event to provide an insight into the role of digital marketing and how it can be used to enable a start up business to grow. Tania shared her story and experience with us, giving us a good insight into how she has started and grown her company.” ~ 

Jessica Garland – Commercial Manager (EMEA and APAC)


“Tania managed our London 2012 Olympic activation. She is proactive, enthusiastic, experienced and highly capable. She was a great asset to the team.” ~ Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung New Zealand

“We were lucky to have Tania head up the marketing for Tourism New Zealand’s new luxury sector for travellers to New Zealand. Tania exceeded all expectations and demonstrated her broad experience and business maturity that is the result of her passion and dedication to her craft.” ~ Head of Premium Sector – Tourism New Zealand
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Video Credit Tourism New Zealand

Video Credit Tourism New Zealand

Video Credit Tourism New Zealand

mika haka
“Mika Haka Studios endorse, loves and gets excited whenever we have the chance to collaborate with Black Label and we think you will too”
Demi Levato asks Kapa Haka group to open her show

” A spiritual sharing of souls between pop star Demi Lovato and Mika’s Haka Fashion Interactive Kapa Haka group during a welcome at Auckland Airport caused the US X FACTOR judge to ask the group to open her Auckland show at Vector Arena in Auckland last night.

Organised by ~ Black Label Experience Director Tania Stoyanof, specialising in authentic Maori experiences, with thanks to Taki Māori, Ngāti Whatua Orakei, Kiri Nathan and JT Entertainment NZ. ”

Video Credit Mika Haka

“The nature of the promotion meant we had extremely little lead time to plan, award and execute the major prize week for the V Energy winners. Approaching Tania at Black Label to organise, book and add the premium spin to the prize meant we were able to seamlessly pull off a last minute major prize week tailored specifically to our winners.”


Video Credit V Energy

“I cannot thank Black label enough for their incredibly generous and quick-acting help along my entire Stay in New Zealand. With Black Label I feel like I didn’t just “come” to New Zealand but rather “experienced” it from the core. I only wish I could come back because even after doing all that, I still haven’t even scratched the surface, which makes me even more curious for round 2.”


“Everything we did was not just an amazing experience, but highly educational as well. Which in my opinion is what every good tour should strive for. It really was a five star experience and I’d recommend it to everyone, not just tourists.”

 GEOGRAPHY NOW CAMERA MAN – Jared Stevenson.   



Women on tourism’s frontline in New Zealand: interview with Tania Stoyanof

The Lions tour and more

Exploring New Zealand. From rugby, to rings

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