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What makes the Bay of Islands a great luxury destination

The Bay of Islands is made up of 144 islands and several charming towns, each with its own personality and unique culture.

What we like the most about one of New Zealand’s greatest destinations, is the wide range of options available, which makes a visit extremely customizable. For some, it’s their beautiful adventure stop. For others, it’s the wellness getaway they’ve been longing for, where they will be able to disconnect from everything.

The area stretches from Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. Come here to experience the romantic town of Russell, the yacht mecca Opua, or the historical Kerikeri, with an endless offering of cultural experiences and delicious wine.

Combine the best of different worlds, and design your ideal vacation. No matter what you choose, you’ll always be surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

The only question now is, what does your dream stay look like?

Exclusive New Zealand Experiences


Located on the North Island and in the warmest part of NZ


The Bay of Islands offers relatively mild winters and hot summers. The enjoyable weather makes it a perfect all-year-round destination. During summer (November – February), temperatures can pass 30°C, with water temperatures ranging between 20–22°C.

On a warm winter day, the temperature can reach 25°C, while it usually stays around 15 °C. When the night falls, it can drop down to about 10 °C, so make sure to pack accordingly.
Bay of Islands will let you enjoy more than 130 beautiful sunshine days per year, while the amount of rainfall averages around 2000mm.

Although there is a steady flow of tourists throughout the year, the spring season (August – November) is usually a good time to visit to enjoy its beauty with less crowds.


bay of islands

Get up close with New Zealand’s history and culture

Often described as the birthplace of New Zealand

The Bay of Islands is a great destination to get immersed in our history, and take part in experiences that will leave you with a better understanding of our cultural heritage.

A visit to Waitangi Treaty Grounds, one of our most important historical sites, will allow you to travel back in time and learn more about the events that have shaped New Zealand to what it is today. Okiato, also called Old Russell (which used to be our first capital city), Pompallier Mission (a historical building from the nineteenth-century), and the Kerikeri Mission Station (one of the first places in the country where the Maori community invited visitors to stay with them), are other examples of the many top attractions.

bay of islands

Explore the beautiful islands on your own private yacht

144 islands to explore

What about sailing through the 144 islands on your private yacht, a sunset trip, or an overnight cruise in the Bay?

The options are many for both experienced sailors and beginners. Get to know secret bays and beaches you can’t get to in any other way. Kaipara Harbour, Kai iwi Lakes and Roberton island are some of our favourite places not to be missed.

bay of islands

Enjoy the gorgeous beaches

There is a great diversity 

Bay of Islands is one of New Zealand’s top destinations during summer, and one of the main reasons is the wide selection of incredible beaches.

Long Beach, Sullivan’s Beach, Matai Bay, and Tapeka beach are suitable for families due to their calm waters. Elliot’s Beach and Daisy Bay are your go-to places when the wind is up and you’re in the mood for catching some waves.

Go for an adventure on the water

For all experience levels

If you’re into watersports, you won’t run out of options. How does a jet ski tour to explore beautiful cliffs and the renowned Hole in the Rock sound?

Parasailing at 1200 Ft, one of the highest in NZ, fishing tours, or a private dolphin sunset cruise, are other possible activities that will make your stay memorable.

Trips can be organized for all experience levels, to fit the solo adventurer, as well as the whole family.

Dive at incredible sites

One of the best areas for sub-tropical diving

Many come to the Bay of Islands because of its spectacular wildlife and its great diving sites. Choose between wrecks, caves, cray and scallop dives, or one of the many beautiful off-shore islands. There are options for beginners, as well as for experienced divers.

The lovely Poor Knights Islands will let you explore subtropical fish that can’t be seen anywhere else in the country, and have been described as one of the best areas for sub-tropical diving in the world.

bay of islands sands

Stay active on land

The amazing scenery, in combination with the close to non-existing traffic, make the Bay of Islands great for cycling, walking or horseback riding.

There are many excursions to choose from, ranging from shorter workouts, to longer day trips. Hike through the Waipoua Forest and see Tane Mahuta, the world’s largest Kauri tree, while your private guide is sharing fascinating stories about what the area used to be.

Another alternative is to go sandboarding at the Te Paki sand dunes.



Many are dreaming about skydiving with a beautiful view. Bay of Islands has become one of New Zealand’s most popular skydiving spots for this exact reason. Choose between different heights, keep it cool, and jump out while you’re taking in the unforgettable views of the islands. Land on the beach and enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world.

If you prefer to enjoy the spectacular views without the free fall, a heli tour is another bucket list-check alternative.


Spend a few days in paradise

Wine making in New Zealand was born on the North Island. The first wine plantation was introduced in Kerikeri about 200 years ago, and the rest is history.

Expect a delicate mix of well-rounded whites, spectacular Syrah and just the right amount of savoury Cabernet/Merlot. Paroa Bay, Omata Estate and Cottle Hill are 3 wineries you’ll love visiting. Most of the bodegas are family-run and will provide you with a very personal experience.


Have a weekend of pure culinary pleasure

In addition to wine, the cuisine of the Bay is renowned for its fresh seafood and subtropical fruits. If you’re into fishing, you can even catch your own dinner.

Many of the wineries offer excellent food, often combined with beautiful views. After dinner, you can satisfy your cravings with handmade chocolate or caramel macadamia popcorn, a local specialty that is worth traveling for.

The Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival takes place in October every year. If you manage to time it with your schedule, you have a weekend of pure culinary pleasure to look forward to

Pamper yourself with an amazing Wellness Experience

Spend a few days in paradise

We are sure there is at least one good reason to why you deserve a wonderful wellness getaway. Probably quite a few.

Several luxury retreats are located in the Bay of Islands. Expect the finest options, where premium lodges, spa treatments, yoga, mindfulness practices, gorgeous scenery, gourmet food, and everything else you might need, all of the highest class, come perfectly together.

Two of our favourite paradises are The Landing and Helena Bay.

Day trips, as well as longer stays, can be arranged and customized based on your preferences. The only risk is that you might not want to leave. We won’t blame you.

there is so much more to the Bay of Islands


These activities are just examples of what’s possible. Contact us now to learn more and customize your own authentic, exclusive Bay of Islands experience

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