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Terms & Conditions



1. Booking and Payment

Black Label creates unique, bespoke luxury itineraries for each individual request received. Black Label reserves the right to charge a non-refundable fee based on additional hours of work after submission of an itinerary proposal. This fee is waived on confirmation of a final itinerary or event, the client agrees to pay a minimum 25% non refundable booking fee unless otherwise specified. This will allow Black Label Experience Ltd to make the necessary bookings for the itinerary to ensure firm bookings are held for the client.

The final non-refundable payment of the final balance is due one month before the event or arrival in New Zealand unless otherwise specified. Black Label Experience Limited has the right to cancel any arrangements and bookings made for the client if full payment is not received before the event or arrival in country and will treat the trip/event as a cancelled booking until full payment is received.

During the holiday, Black Label Experience Ltd understands that the client may choose to change parts of the itinerary due to weather or personal circumstances. In the event of cancellations, Black Label Experience Ltd will use its influence to obtain refunds where pre-payment has been made. The client accepts that often cancellations will result in a 100% charge having been made especially in the case of cancelled accommodation bookings where this requirement is published. A post trip reconciliation of the clients account will be completed by Black Label Experience Ltd, and any money due for additional bookings of activities, accommodation and other services made in country will be paid by the client within 14 days of receipt of Black Label Experience’s Invoice. Likewise, if the client made cancellations and Black Label Experience Ltd were able to obtain refunds, Black Label Experience will then make a refund payment to the client within 14 days of completion of the reconciliation of the account.

Should any amounts remain outstanding, and legal costs are incurred to recover the debt, then Black Label Experience Ltd has the right to add the legal costs incurred to the outstanding debt and recover these as well from the client. Should it be necessary to take legal action against the client, the client accepts and abides by any court or legal ruling that is made under New Zealand jurisdiction.
In addition, any fines, debts, and/or legal costs incurred by the client while in country for any infringements made are the sole responsibility of the client.

2. Liability
The safety of Black Label Experience Limited clients is of paramount importance. Accordingly, Black Label Experience Ltd endeavours to ensure that each activity it is involved with (whether it undertakes the activity directly or the activity is undertaken by a third party) is undertaken within strict safety guidelines. However, given that participation in a number of activities involves a degree of risk, Black Label Experience Ltd does not in any way guarantee the safety of those participating in any particular activity and expressly excludes all liability howsoever arising in relation to the personal injury or death of any such participant or the loss of or damage to any property of any such participant or third party
Black Label Experience Ltd reserves the right to cancel any activity due to weather conditions, safety risks or client unsuitability because of age, ill health, poor fitness or intoxication etc. Black Label Experience Ltd reserves the right to add, amend or delete activities as it sees fit.