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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s a great opportunity to show extra appreciation for the people that mean the most to you. Fortunately, there are several ways to do so in New Zealand..

To give you a taste of what an exclusive romantic experience in NZ could be like, we’ve put together an overview of some of our favourites in this post. We won’t reveal all the details since we don’t want to ruin the surprise element, which is an important part of our packages. If you would like to have more information, do as always please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a romantic get-away every weekend with experiences like these. Let’s see if you’ll feel the same way.

1. A picnic lunch at a stunning location (and a luxury stay)

Waterfall beautiful place

We really don’t mind having lunch here. Photo: CREATING TRACKS NZ

Imagine being escorted to a beautiful, secret location in Queenstown, overlooking a waterfall, in your own boat, for a long, leisurely romantic lunch with your significant other. While you sit back and enjoy each other in these spectacular surroundings, your private chef is preparing a delicious gourmet lunch made of local, fresh ingredients in a natural setting, perfectly matched with the best local wines to complement the flavour of the food.

Matakuri Lodge view of mountain and lake

Your home for tonight. Photo: Luxury Adventures

After lunch, take a private boat trip to a lakeside luxury lodge with stunning views, where you will spend the night. This stylish lodge might make you want to stay in, because of how comfortable and well-designed it is, which is perfectly fine. If you prefer to get out, there are a lot of beautiful places to explore in the area, which is renowned for its breath-taking natural environment.

2. A fashionable date night at Auckland’s top restaurant

Clooney Resturant Auckland dinner setting

The elegant Clooney, Auckland. Photo: Boat International.

Take your partner out for a romantic dinner at this beautiful, elegant restaurant, and you’ve guaranteed yourself relationship plus-points that will last.

Luxury, sophistication, high-class, and the finest quality are words that come to mind when you walk into Clooney. The décor consists of next level fringed curtains around banquette seating, with gold coloured details, and lights that are perfectly dimmed for intimacy and privacy from other diners. Every detail has been taken into consideration; from the comprehensive wine list, to the innovative food combinations, and the dessert menu – which is too good not to try, even if you’re full.

With exceptional award-winning food and service, both you and your (lucky) special someone will have a memorable night.

*The dinner can be combined with other experiences, such as an elegant transport to/from the restaurant, as well as a luxury stay in one of Auckland’s high-end hotels.

3. A scenic helicopter ride and quality time in a luxury lodge

Ranitoto sunset with beautiful colors

Stunning Rangitoto Island. Photo: http://www.doc.govt.nz.

Start the day with a scenic helicopter flight over the city out of Mechanics Bay and over the beautiful landscape of Rangitoto Island – the youngest volcano in New Zealand.

From here, you’ll be taken to an exclusive, luxury lodge; a modern, contemporary private property on Rakino Island. Indulge in a gourmet breakfast at a private viewing platform, prepared by your own chef, already on-site.

Helicopter flying over Hurakia Lodge.

A good place for romance. Photo: Hurakia Lodge.

Treat yourself to a morning dip in the pool or at the private beach. When you’re ready, the flight continues. You will be taken along the scenic route of the northern side of Waiheke, and be dropped off at the island once the scenic tour is over. It’s time to continue the romance at a gorgeous lodge, in a suite that has been described as one of the best honeymoon suites New Zealand has to offer.

4. An exclusive get-away in your own private bay

Annandale’s Accommodation.- Lodge with a view

What about waking up here? Photo: Annandale’s Accommodation.

Imagine waking up in your own bay, with this view. Or ending your day with a glass of wine at your very own outdoor lounge by the fireplace, right here. We can make that happen.

This unique and secluded luxury villa is made for romance. The turf roof, stone walls and glass façade of the contemporary accommodation discreetly add another dimension to the landscape.  This combination of ultra-modern facilities and untouched nature gives you the best of both worlds.

Enjoy renowned farm-to-table cuisine, and a luxurious outdoor spa with a view of the bay, it’s the spot for relaxing. Forget about time and enjoy the present. If you would like to stay active, there are also hiking options close by.

‘Perfect’ and ‘A stay I will treasure forever’ are examples of feedback from previous guests. Black Label has received an exclusive invite to stay here next month. We are very excited, expect to receive a more detailed report shortly.

5. A Heli ride over glaciers with stunning views and champagne

Unforgettable is a pretty good description. Photo: newzealand.com

Have you ever visited a glacier? Seeing one from above is an amazing experience. New Zealand contains many glaciers. The exact number varies depending on who you ask, but to give you an idea, about 3,155 glaciers with an area of at least one hectare (2.5 acres) were identified during an inventory of just the South Island glaciers (where the majority are located) in the eighties.

Pamper yourself and your partner with a Heli ride on to a glacier to soak up the views. Fox Glacier, one of the few Glaciers in the world which exists near both an ocean and a rainforest, is one option. It will also be possible to pass by more than one, if you wish.

Land on the glacier and take your time to record and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. View the fascinating glacial ice falls up close. The sound from the largest falls will remind you of how powerful nature can be. Enjoy Krug champagne on ice, literally, with fresh, well-known South Island bluff oysters when in season. Sublime!

6. An adventurous Penthouse escape to NZ’s most awarded private hotel

Beautiful view of a lake and mountains at The Penthouse by Eichardt’s

Who would you like to sit here with? Photo: The Penthouse by Eichardt’s.

It has been described as ‘the ultimate luxury accommodation’.  With uninterrupted views across Lake Wakatipu to the snow-capped mountains beyond, top-notch design throughout the property, Queenstown’s largest terrace, a beautiful hot tub, excellent food and most likely all the extra facilities you could ask for, one can understand why. I can’t really come up with a good reason for not staying at the Penthouse by Eichardt’s.

When you do, you can also add on your own butler, Krug champagne on arrival, as well as any exclusive adventure on the ‘Penthouse Experience’ list curated for guests only such as a beautiful and romantic hike, or maybe take a scenic helicopter ride to a stunning location for a romantic picnic. These are just a few examples of activities to choose from. You won’t regret coming here.

7. An intimate, pampered, feel-good retreat for two

Pool view at night new zealand split apple

Relax here after a long day of… relaxing. Photo: Luxury Adventures.

Spa, delicious, healthy food, and the lovely landscapes of Abel Tasman National Park, right outside your door. You can’t really go wrong with that, and that’s just part of what you get at Split Apple Retreat.

Enjoy the luxury of private dining, exclusive beaches, an infinity pool, a modern gym, a movie theatre lounge, fairy-tale views, and an extensive spa menu with treatments ranging from relaxation massage to energy treatments. Combine this with activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes and a customized wellness program.

The main differentiator for this beautiful get-away is its gourmet Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine. Every ingredient has been selected for its positive contribution to health and wellness, which just proves how well thought-through every part of the concept is.

There are only 3 luxury suites at Split Apple, which are in high demand. From 2019 the entire property will only be available as an exclusive hire. Split Apple closes during the winter months July – September.

Black Label has received an exclusive invite to stay here next month. We can’t wait and promise to share more information about the experience with you shortly thereafter.

An Exclusive Romantic Experience the Black Label Way

Are you coming to New Zealand with that special someone? Contact me for more information about how we could customize an exclusive, unforgettable, romantic get-away for you.

These packages give you an idea of what it could be like. There are many other possibilities. We could have made this list much longer, but have instead chosen a few of our favourites and made sure to vary our selected experiences. If you let me know what you are looking for, we’ll let you know how we could realize your dream vacation.