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Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash

1. The scenery is so stunning that you will ask
yourself whether you’re dreaming (more than once)

Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash


What we like most about the landscapes of New Zealand is the diversity. From paradise beaches, to majestic glaciers, mind-blowing mountain vistas, and tropical forests. And we could go on.

Once you’re here, it’s easy to understand why leading filmmakers chose New Zealand as their preferred location for successful movies such as the Lord of the Rings, regarded as one of the greatest and most influential film series ever made. So if you feel like you’re in a movie as you’re exploring these fab views, you could be kind of right.


2. Be amazed by New Zealand from above (and arrive in style)

Heli sightseeing is a fantastic way to see New Zealand’s diverse landscapes in limited time. Photo: Lake Wanaka, @nzheliking.


Take off on a helicopter sightseeing tour and be blown away by New Zealand’s gorgeous views from a premium position in the skies. Drift over our picture-perfect cities and landscapes. Stop for a glamorous picnic at a secret hideout surrounded by postal vistas.

 We can also arrange helicopter transfers, which will save you precious travel time. You are guaranteed a professional and discreet transfer service.


3. Explore New Zealand by private yacht (Charter a Superyacht in New Zealand)

Auckland attracts visitors from all over the world with stunning scenery such as Waiheke Island. Photo: Natalia Cooper.


Our largest city Auckland welcomes you with volcanic cones, beaches, cityscape. and islands. Beyond Auckland, New Zealand is perfect for exploring by private yacht.

With picturesque coastlines, breathtaking fjords and island-hopping shore excursions, you can be ensured an unforgettable experience.

We can help you to book berths in New Zealand and plan the ideal New Zealand yacht charter itinerary. We can also arrange unique and memorable options for your time ashore.

Ranging from gastronomy experiences at the finest food and wine establishments, to private tours focused on special interests, art and fashion, to outdoor activities with professional certified guides that show you New Zealand’s natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery.

Spectacular locations for yacht charters in New Zealand including Milford Sound. Photo: Richard Withams.

4. Feel better than home at New Zealand’s best luxury accommodations

A luxury getaway to New Zealand is the perfect opportunity to indulge at some of our best luxury lodges, boutique hotels or modern city apartments.
We have a comprehensive network of first-class properties, where you will be spoiled with magnificent surroundings.

Treat yourself for a romantic weekend or simply marvel at your own paradise on earth. Several of our accommodation options are exclusive to us and not publicly available.

Luxury travel experiences in New Zealand picked by us in The Hedonist Magazine. Photo: The Hedonist Magazine.

5. Spoil yourself at the finest Health, Wellness & Spa resorts in New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful health and wellness destination. We have plenty of outstanding places where you can recharge, with itineraries ranging from day packages to week-long (or more) wellness retreats.

Escape to coastal retreats with private chefs concocting food to cleanse and nourish. Recharge at yoga retreats overlooking crystalline lakes and towering mountain ranges. Or simply spoil yourself with a magnificent spa retreat with premium face and body treatments.

Check out some of our favourite health, wellness or spa retreats in New Zealand.

Indulge in a health, wellness or spa experience in New Zealand at beautiful resorts such as Split Apple. Photo: Luxury Lodges NZ.

6. Experience the authentic Māori culture

Tania Stoyanof, the founder of Black Label, is the only luxury New Zealand DMC with Māori heritage. Her connections to Māori culture are comprehensive and authentic.

Get introduced to the genuine Māori culture experiences through personalised and private tours with culture experts.

Off-the-beaten track itineraries that incorporate heritage, tribal storytelling and staying on native land. Or special interest options – such as bone carving lessons, haka displays, and Maori culture village visits.

Discover Maori culture and NZ heritage with Black Label Experience. Photo: Waitangi, by José Carlos.


7. See the best of the North, South, and/or Stewart Island on a customised bespoke itinerary

From private picnics and stargazing on secluded islands, to helicopter sightseeing over the South Island’s remarkable glaciers. No matter if you’re coming over for a few days, or are planning to spend weeks or months here for America’s Cup 2021.

We can arrange everything from transport to accommodation and sightseeing. We are used to premium requests. If you can dream it, we can deliver it. No itinerary is too far-fetched.

Enjoy bespoke sightseeing across New Zealand. Photo: Pictaram.

8. Play golf at world-class courses in New Zealand

New Zealand is a golfer’s paradise. Our world-class golf courses are set across landscapes. Think native forest, coastal peninsulas, and sub-alpine farmland.  With testimonials from Golf Digest and leading golf media, New Zealand’s top golf courses are reason alone to visit.

New Zealand’s golf courses are world-class and offer marvellous views such as Kauri Cliffs in the North Island. Photo: Kauri Cliffs.

9. Realise your foodie dreams with unique Gastronomy Experiences

Food and wine tourism are convincing visitors to New Zealand to stay longer. The gastronomy in New Zealand is world-class and extends beyond fine dining and culinary trends.

Eat and drink your way across the country. Experience local culture through our authentic and innovative cuisine and winemaking. Visit a food and wine festival, grab some snacks at a city food truck, learn traditional Maori cooking methods, follow a wine trail, or visit a craft brewery.

We can also arrange private dining experiences at New Zealand’s top restaurants or private chef lessons with the country’s most dynamic chefs.

New Zealand’s abundance of fresh local produce and seafood results in outstanding cuisine to savour. Octopus, potato and saffron aioli dish from Rata Queenstown. Photo: Michael’s Dinner.

10. Create unforgettable memories at a Special Interest Tour

We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients and finding their passion for travel. Whether you travel for business or leisure, we can introduce you to the true New Zealand.

We have partnerships with local operators who provide amazing luxury travel experiences. Ranging from photography and art tours, private fashion shows, film locations, and creative studio tours. We can customise a New Zealand experience based on your special interests.

Special interest tours in New Zealand could include film locations such as Hobbiton (image: Leslie). One out of many examples.

11.  Check off your bucket list with adventure & outdoor activities in New Zealand

Are you seeking adventure and outdoor activities? You will find crystal clear lakes, wild rivers, rugged mountains, secluded islands, and lush rainforests in New Zealand. Explore untouched rivers bordered by native forest that are ideal spots for a New Zealand fly-fishing session. Thrill with a black water rafting adventure in Waitomo. Ride some unspoiled mountain bike trails in tussock land past geothermal springs, or hike one of our beautiful National Parks.

New Zealand is a dream destination for adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts with a wide range of thrilling activities and tours. Photo: A. Janssen.

12. Experience important events

In addition to America’s Cup 2021, the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) conference will be held in New Zealand in 2021.

APEC is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific. Leaders from 21 countries and economies will converge in Auckland. Auckland last hosted APEC in 1999, so expectations are high.

APEC attracts up to 22,000 international attendees (leaders, ministers, senior officials, business leaders, media and youth). 12 significant events are held throughout the year, reaching a pinnacle with the APEC Leaders’ Week.

Around 10,000 attendees are expected for Leaders’ Week alone. The New Zealand Government has confirmed that APEC Leaders’ Week will be held in Auckland from 8-14 November 2021, with other meetings and events to be spread across other large cities.

* Due to COVID, all major events will be affected. For the latest information, please check their respective websites.

* Please note that travel regulations and restrictions are changing quickly. Check out our FAQ related to your travel plans with Black Label Experience in New Zealand and for more information on the COVID-19 situation.

APEC Leader’s Week 2021 has been confirmed that the host city will be Auckland from 8-14 November.

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